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New Things Announcement

New Things Coming in the New Year

I think we are all ready for 2022 be over. It has been a challenging year for all of us and we are all ready for something new. Here at 2EmptyChairs, we couldn’t agree more!

We have a lot of exciting new things coming your way in 2023.

We have started development of our long-awaited NeuroSpicy Diary. We are so excited about this product. We all have spent hours on Amazon or perusing the endless bookshelves of assignment pads, calendars and diaries, hoping to find that one book that keeps us on task. And for those of us on the NeuroDiverse Spectrum, that challenge is even harder. What seems to work for everyone else doesn’t work for us. As someone in that spectrum, I feel your pain. So I set out to design a diary that makes it easier for us to keep track of our lives and ourselves. Slated to go into production mid-2023, keep your eyes peeled for pre-order specials and events leading up to its release.

Our Corporate products are now in development. Everything you need to host your own webinars with any of our content. When on-site summits are not within your bandwidth, you can grab some of our Done For You products and hold your own trainings. Watch for pre-orders and events leading up to the Unveiling Events later this year.

We have lots more excitement planned for 2023 and we hope you come along with is on this wild ride!

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