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New Blog Series: Gaslighting and Hope

As we jump into December and the holiday season, we are jumping into a new blog series called Gaslighting and Hope. 

Each day we will be putting up a post that highlights a commonly used tool when someone is gaslighting their partner.  We focus mostly on intimate relationships in this particular series but please realize gaslighting can be seen in the workplace, classroom, family… pretty much anywhere you have to engage and develop some level of a relationship with those around you.

What each post will contain:

A graphic with a quote you have probably heard.
An explanation how and why this quote may be used.
The reassurance that not only are you not alone but you aren’t crazy either.

As we walk through this series, it is important to remember engaging with someone trying to gaslight you can get very difficult. If you believe you are in an abusive relationship, reach out. We will help you with whatever supports you need. You don’t have to stay.

So keep an eye as we move through December! You’re in for a special treat on December 24th. Our friend Stacey will share her story of abuse, survival and success. Definitely not to be missed.

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