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Hi! My name is Elizabeth.

Whether it’s Advocacy or Coaching you’re looking for…You’re in the right place!

As a parent, I watched my children struggle in a world that was not designed for them- especially my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. 

Drawing from those experiences and available resources, I founded 2EmptyChairs in 2020 with the goal of…

We strive for three things...


Being able to make decisions for yourself and then act upon them. 

We focus on the FIVE main components of Autonomy:
1.  Decision-making. The ability to make your own decisions about your life.
2. Action. The ability to take action based on your own decisions.
3. Independence. The ability to be self-sufficient and not depending on others for help. (We still recommend occasionally asking for help!)
4. Privacy. The right to privacy and to make decisions about your body and your life.
5. Respect.  The right to be respected and treated as an individual who has the ability to make their own decisions.

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Father and Son with Autism



Being free from the control or influence of others

We focus on the FIVE main components of Independence:
1. Financial. The ability to support yourself without having to rely on others.
2. Emotional. The ability to manage your own emotions.
3. Social. The ability to form and maintain healthy relationships.
4. Physical. The ability to care for yourself and manage daily tasks.
5. Spiritual. The ability to find purpose and meaning in life.




To achievement of a desired goal, attaining something you have worked hard for.

We focus on the FIVE main components of Success:
1. Setting goals. Goals give you something to strive for and keep you motivated.
2. Hard work. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are what help us reach our goals.
3. Resilience. You should not give up on your goals just because you encounter challenges.
4. Learning from mistakes. It is important to learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them in the future.
5. Helping others. Giving you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Corporate Coaching Programs

Given that there are nearly half a million Neurodiverse individuals residing in New York City alone, it’s quite likely your clients are Neurodiverse as well.

“Neurodivergent” serves as a comprehensive umbrella term encompassing the diverse ways in which an individual’s brain may operate unqiuely. A common misconception is that this term refers only to those on the Autism Spectrum but it does, in fact, include anyone with intellectual “differences” such as ADHD, PTSD, OCD,  and so on.


In our Client-Based Coaching Program, we explore the FIVE components of Customer Experience:

1. Improving customer satisfaction. We all know happy customers are loyal customers.
2. Attracting new customers.  Returning customers are the best advertisement because they give reviews and recommendations which increase awareness.
3. Increase revenue. A biproduct of returning customers and satisfied customers is an increase in revenue.
4. Garner a positive reputation. Become a leader in your sector by bringing Inclusion to your customers ahead of your competition.
5. Being a good corporate citizen.  Show your commitment to social respnsibility.  


In our Employee-Based Coaching Program, we explore the FIVE components of Employee Experience:

1. Goal setting. Clarify goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
2. Time Management. Manage time effectively and develop tools to help manage burn out, fatigue and work paralysis.
3. Prioritize. Prioritize tasks and develop strategies to increase productivity and efficiency.
4. Dealing with Challenge. It’s going to happen. We give you the tools to navigate challenge safely and effectively.
5. Inclusion. Supporting Neurodiverse employees and encouraging their unique perspective within your workforce.

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