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What We Do

Unlocking potential, embracing differences. At 2EmptyChairs Coaching and Advocacy Services, we are passionate about helping individuals and organizations thrive through the power of neurodiversity. We offer both corporate and private coaching programs tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

Corporate B2C Coaching Programs

Unlock a new level of inclusivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Our corporate B2C coaching programs help businesses like yours harness the power of neurodiversity by providing targeted support in two key areas.



Benefits of our program:

  • Customized solutions: We tailor our programs to your specific needs and industry, ensuring a relevant and impactful experience.
  • Experienced and certified coaches: Our team comprises experts in neurodiversity and coaching, providing evidence-based strategies and personalized guidance.
  • Measurable results: Track your progress and celebrate your achievements with our data-driven approach.
  • Sustainable impact: Create lasting change with our ongoing support and resources.

Neurodiverse Customer Inclusion

Understand your neurodiverse customers: Gain insights into their preferences, needs, and challenges to create exceptional customer experiences.

Improve accessibility and communication: Learn strategies to adapt your marketing, website, and customer service to better serve neurodiverse customers.

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty: Build stronger relationships with neurodiverse customers, leading to increased brand advocacy and positive word-of-mouth.



Neurodiverse Workforce Inclusion

Cultivate a welcoming and inclusive work environment: Build a culture that attracts, retains, and empowers neurodiverse talent.

Unlock the unique strengths of your neurodiverse employees: Understand and leverage their diverse perspectives and abilities for enhanced innovation and problem-solving.

Improve employee engagement and productivity: Create a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and can thrive.

For Individuals and Families

Embrace your strengths, unlock your potential, and find your voice. Our individual and family coaching programs provide personalized support and guidance for individuals and families navigating the joys and challenges of neurodiversity.


Benefits of our program:

  • Personalized approach: We tailor our programs to your unique needs and goals, ensuring a meaningful and impactful experience.
  • Experienced and certified coaches: Our team comprises compassionate and skilled professionals who understand neurodiversity.
  • Confidentiality and security: We are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.
  • Flexible options: Choose from individual sessions, family sessions, or a combination of both to meet your needs.
  • Ongoing support: We offer continued resources and guidance to ensure your long-term success.

Neurodiversity and Life Coaching Services

Accountability Coaching: Achieve your personal and professional goals with individual support and encouragement.

Neurodiversity Coaching: Explore your unique strengths and challenges, developing strategies to thrive in your daily life.

Advocacy Coaching: Gain the confidence and skills to confidently advocate for yourself or your loved ones.

Family Coaching: Support healthy communication, understanding, and collaboration within your family.

Advocacy Support Services provided as needed.

Gender-based Violence, LGBTQIA and Advocacy

Gain a deeper understanding of your neurodiversity: Our coaches help you explore your unique strengths, needs, and preferences.

Develop effective coping mechanisms and strategies: Learn practical tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other challenges.

Build confident self-advocacy skills: Communicate your needs effectively and navigate complex systems with ease.

Forge stronger relationships: Build healthy and supportive connections with family, friends, and colleagues.

Create a happy and fulfilling life: Achieve your personal and professional goals while embracing your authentic self.

Advocacy Support Services provided as needed.

Why choose 2EmptyChairs?

Experienced and passionate coaches: Our team comprises dedicated professionals with extensive expertise in neurodiversity and coaching.

Personalized approach: We tailor our programs to your specific needs and goals, ensuring an impactful experience.

Evidence-based practices: We utilize proven methodologies and strategies backed by research and data.

Inclusive and welcoming environment: We celebrate diversity and create a safe space for self-discovery and growth.

Ready to empower yourself or your organization? Contact us today and let us help you unlock the full potential of neurodiversity.



Who We Are

Elizabeth Stonick

Elizabeth Stonick, NLPILC, IWLC, PFACP

Head Coach

For over two decades, Beth has navigated the dynamic world of mental health. From supporting individuals in crisis as a psych tech to empowering residents as a counselor and service plan developer, her journey has instilled in her a deep understanding of diverse needs and experiences. Additionally, years volunteering with her local ambulance corps further honed her empathy and resilience.Now, as a passionate coach based in the bustling heart of New York City, Beth's mission is to help individuals embrace their authentic selves. With a dedicated focus on inclusivity and empowerment, she specializes in guiding clients through the unique perspectives of Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA representation, and self-advocacy.Here's what sets Beth apart:20+ years of experience in various mental health settings, offering a wealth of insight into different challenges and support systems. Commitment to inclusivity and understanding the unique needs of diverse individuals and communities. Specialization in Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA representation, and self-advocacy, empowering clients to navigate these aspects of their identity with confidence. Passionate and dedicated approach, creating a supportive and collaborative environment for growth. If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace your unique voice, Beth is here to guide you. Schedule a consultation today and unlock your full potential.

Haven Nelligar

Haven-Phoenix Nelligar, Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Haven isn't just in the Marketing Team at 2EmptyChairs, she's a driving force. As a seasoned Social Media Manager, Content Creator, and Department Lead with 5 years of experience, she brings dynamism, innovation, and a keen eye for strategic marketing to the table.

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